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Who is IRE?

Hi, I’m Irenej V. Bošnjak aka IRE.

I'm an award-winning filmmaker and founder of IRE Studios. I've been professionally working in Film and TV industry for more than 10 years and before that I learned everything by trial and error, by watching tutorials and behind the scenes videos, reading filmmaking books and working on zero budget passion projects. I advanced my filmmaking skills at University and have an MA degree in Film Directing and BA in Film and Audio production.

I got 17 international awards for my first feature film, a low-budget dark comedy "How to Be a Writer". My short films were awarded and shown around the world and my commercials were played on TV stations and online.

My biggest passion in life is to continue my creative work and help aspiring filmmakers like you to create and deliver award-winning films and have a passionate support group around you. I've been mentoring filmmakers since 2014 and now it is time to share this knowledge with all of you.

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